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Dear Friends,
On warm winter days, walk through your flowerbeds and appreciate their winter interest. Create winter interest in your own garden by planting varieties that will grow unusual bark, stems, colorful berries or any that will retain green or grey foliage throughout the gardening year. We fill our feeders and birdbaths regularly. The birds reward us for our efforts with beautiful songs! De-flower spent blooms and remove seed pods from pansies and violas. Fertilize with pansy food once a month. Plant pansies, it's not too late in our area of the country. Plant trees and shrubs, too. Now is a good time to plan flowerbeds and gardens for spring. Add compost and other soil additives to existing flower beds now so all you have to do this spring is enjoy planting.

"We'll see you in the Winter garden!"
- Tim & Lisa King


Cure Winter Blues Here

Got the blues? We've got the blooms! After all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it's easy to feel a little blue after all the decorations come down. No need to worry because we've got the blooms! Stop by the greenhouses and cheer yourself up with a beautiful blooming plant! Cheer up a friend, too. Our beautiful flowers are grown right here!

Field Trips!

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Forest Lake Greenhouses would like to invite teachers to consider our nursery as a field trip opportunity for the school year. We enjoy giving children exposure to the excitement of learning about plants. We believe that early exposure to plants can instill a greater respect for nature and open the door to what could become a life-long interest. If you are interested please call or email Mandi or Lisa at 843-662-5666.

Delivery Available!


Did you know Forest Lake Greenhouses delivers? Call on us anytime you need to send someone special something special. Our blooming basket arrangements and custom containers are perfect for birthdays, get well, sympathy or celebrations. We deliver to hospitals, funeral homes, private residences or businesses.

multi bromeliad

Voted Best Indoor Plant


Add a touch of class and color to your indoor winter decor with these easy to enjoy plants. They don't need a lot of care - just a nice ploace to live!

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Christmas Rug Sale

Come get your machine washable Christmas carpets now, before we sell out!

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Foliage Plants

For Freshening Up

What better way to make the most of your day. Bring home a fresh green plant and warm up your winter days ahead!

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