Celebrity Succulent Gardens

Summer is for Succulents

Your succulent garden ought to be in pictures. Stop by the greenhouse and bring us a copy of your favorite summertime succulent garden photos. With your permission, we’ll  hang them up on our “Celebrity Gardens" board at the greenhouse and post them on our facebook page and website. We would love to see how our plants are doing and we can share your garden ideas with other celebrity gardeners.

All entries received will be eligible via a random drawing to win a $50.00 Gift Card to Forest Lake Greenhouses. What a treat! Get your photos in by July 31st, 2018 and you may win a gift card to help you grow your fall garden! Check out our website and facebook pages for many of those photos you’ll see are of our own backyard. No garden is too big or too small! Don’t forget to include your name and phone number with your photos. 

Photo Submission Deadline is July 31st, 2018

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Road Closing Schedule

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Knollwood Road (the yellow line) will be closed through August 16th, 2018. You can still reach our store on Alligator Road (the green line) coming from Irby Street (the south side of Florence) or Twin Church Road and Hwy. 76.

Gardening Tours & Classes

Forest Lake Greenhouses would like to invite garden clubs, church groups, teachers and any other group to consider our nursery as a meeting or field trip opportunity. Our greenhouses provide a beautiful place for you to enjoy while getting your club business done. We can do a planting demonstration or a hands-on workshop, too. We enjoy giving children exposure to the excitement of learning about plants. We believe that early exposure to plants can instill a greater respect for nature and open the door to what could become a life-long interest. If you are interested please call or email Mandi or Lisa

at 843-662-5666 and


We Deliver!

Call our store for delivery in the florence area. 843-66 BLOOM

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Assorted 4" Annuals & Perennials

Lots of flowers to choose from like Batface Cuphea, Pentas and Coneflowers.

Grown Right Here

$3.99 Buy One, Get One Free


Boston Fern Hanging Baskets

It's not too late to decorate your front porch. We have plenty of full, fat, fluffy ferns! Need a full sun fern? We've grown an amazing crop of hanging Asparagus Ferns.

$16.99 each


Candy Color Portulacca Hanging Baskets

All the colors of summer diplayed in this sun-loving and drought tolerant plant. No worries while you're on vacation!

Special $10