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A Perfect Fall Container

Dear Friends,
Get ready to relax and enjoy your life even more after planting our beautiful pansies, panolas and colorful violas in your patio and porch pots. It's easy! Just stop by the greenhouse and we'll show you how. Don't have time to plant? No problem. Just bring us your empty pots and we'll do it for you!
We'll See You in the Fall Garden!
- Tim & Lisa King

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Attention Churches!

Forest Lake Greenhouses grows the finest poinsettias in the area. We are proud to offer them to our church customers who need quality holiday decorations for their sanctuaries. We are currently taking orders for this upcoming holiday season. We can also provide you with mountain fresh wreaths, roping and garland. Please call us today to reserve your poinsettias. Prices include green or gold foil covers on the plants. For your convenience, delivery service is available. Just call for a price quote!

Field Trips!

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Forest Lake Greenhouses would like to invite teachers to consider our nursery as a field trip opportunity for the school year. We enjoy giving children exposure to the excitement of learning about plants. We believe that early exposure to plants can instill a greater respect for nature and open the door to what could become a life-long interest. If you are interested please call or email Mandi or Lisa at 843-662-5666.

Order Fresh Wreaths & Garland
Forest Lake Greenhouses is offering some of the freshest greens available. Direct from our coolers to you with no long warehouse time that will assure you the longest lasting greens available on the market.
Pre-ordering your fresh wreaths and garland ensures that we have exactly what you need to complete your holiday decorations.
Call 843-66 BLOOM or email us at with your order or questions. We're really happy to help any way we can!
Did you know we also carry hand made velvet bows?


Calling All Camellia Lovers

Like to collect Camellias? Our color selection is fabulous! We even have yellow blooming varieties. Strong and healthy, these plants will look great in your landscape all year round.

Starting at $12.99

snapdragon (2)

Sensational Snapdragons

Get even more joy out of your fall garden and plant a collection of colorful snapdragons. Mix them in with pansies and violas when planting your pots and flower beds.

8" pots $5.99 each

or 5 for $25


Plant a Spring Surprise

Daffodil and Tulip bulbs are some of the easiest bulbs to plant and grow. Get the kids to come outside and help you! You can all share the beautiful rewards next spring.

Bags $5 each

or 5 for $25