It's All About The Teachers!

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Dear Friends,

Hi! Every August we have a "Just For Teachers" back to school offer of 20% off any plants, pots, seeds, soil and other supplies needed to help make the classroom welcoming and functional. Tell your teacher friends so they may take advantage of this special! We can make sure they get the right plants for the places in their classrooms. Thank you and please call on us. We'll help you any way we can to make your school an even more beautiful place.

We’ll see you in the garden!

Tim and Lisa King

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What's Growing on in Tim and Lisa's Garden


Summer plant care tips...
¨Remove faded blooms of summer flowering annuals and perennials.  This will encourage more blooms as well as thicker, healthier, greener foliage.
¨Check hanging baskets twice daily, they can dry out faster.
¨Fertilize your blooming annuals with Bloom Booster. Increases flower bud growth, produces bigger blooms and extends the flowering season.
¨When watering plants and containers, water them thoroughly.  If it's a container garden make sure the water drains through the entire pot and out the drainage holes underneath the pot.  When watering flowerbeds, water them deeply.  Let the sprinklers run for 10 minutes or longer to insure the roots get plenty of water.  
¨Water early in the morning.  This allows the water on the leaves to dry out before the sun goes down preventing fungus and disease. 
¨Planning a vacation this summer?  Don't forget to put your plants on vacation, too.  Place container gardens in a shady cool area of the garden and make sure they receive an adequate water supply (automated sprinkler system or helpful neighbor!)  Place a clay or plastic tray under each of your containers and fill it with water so those plant roots may drink from the bottom up. 

Did you Know?

Forest Lake Greenhouses would like to invite teachers to consider our nursery as a field trip opportunity for the school year. We enjoy giving children exposure to the excitement of learning about plants. We believe that early exposure to plants can instill a greater respect for nature and open the door to what could become a life-long interest. If you are interested please call or email Mandi or Lisa at 843-662-5666.

Forest Lake Greenhouses delivers? Call on us anytime you need to send something special to someone special. Our blooming basket or pot arrangements are perfect for birthdays, get well, sympathy or celebrations. We deliver to hospitals, funeral homes, private residences and businesses.

Forest Lake Greenhouses pays extra to recycle our cardboard? Our office staff uses both the front and back of our copy paper as much as possible. We recycle our in house aluminum cans and printer cartridges. We encourage and promote a “re-use refuse” attitude amongst all our staff so that we may sustain the environment for our future gardening friends.



Tiny pots of many different plants that are just the right size to get your terrariums growing. Great project for kids!

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Bright and cheery, easy to care for. Perfect plant for busy teachers to decorate classrooms!

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ZZ Plants

Meet the easiest houseplant you will ever have. Water once a month or less! Another great classroom plant.

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