TimandLisaSpringRe-Connect With Your Garden

Dear Friends of Forest Lake Greenhouses,
          Spring is finally here! We're looking forward to getting back in our garden planting flowers, a few herbs, and of course, hanging up the ferns.  We've got a new raised bed to play with at home this year so maybe we'll grow some fresh veggies.
   Trying to find time to for our outdoor spaces  can be challenging.  Time is limited and it's difficult to find an extra hour or two on Sunday afternoons.
Make a wise decision and choose to recognize what's really important.

    Make time to spend in your garden. It's still one of the best ways for us to stay connected to the land, to nature, and to each other.

We'll See You in the 
Spring Garden!
 Tim & Lisa King

Family owned and operated, we're now celebrating almost 30 years of growing great gardens!

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Garden Clubs & Field Trips!

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Forest Lake Greenhouses would like to invite garden clubs, church groups, teachers and any other group to consider our nursery as a meeting or field trip opportunity. Our greenhouses provide a beautiful place for you to enjoy while getting your club business done. We can do a planting demonstration or a hands-on workshop, too. We enjoy giving children exposure to the excitement of learning about plants. We believe that early exposure to plants can instill a greater respect for nature and open the door to what could become a life-long interest. If you are interested please call or email Mandi or Lisa

at 843-662-5666 and

Delivery Available!


Did you know Forest Lake Greenhouses delivers? Call on us anytime you need to send someone special something special. Our blooming basket arrangements and custom containers are perfect for birthdays, get well, sympathy or celebrations. We deliver to hospitals, funeral homes, private residences or businesses.

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A springtime favorite!
 Pots and hanging baskets will grace your porch in style.
Starting at $3.99
Grown right here!

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Everyone's favorite flower. We look forward to their beautiful display every spring!

Grown Right Here $19.99


Boston Fern Hanging Baskets

Be the envy of the neighborhood. Let these pretty-up your front porch.