Welcome Spring!

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Dear Friends of Forest Lake Greenhouses,

Happy Spring! So glad we can finally say the words!

    We have a new addition to our family and he is proving to be a leashful! Tommy, our little Beagle mix was a rescued pup from the Darlington County Humane Society. He is very sweet, fun-loving and a joy to have around. We give the wonderful volunteers at DCHS all the credit for rescuing him and getting Tommy well enough for us to adopt and provide him a “forever home.”

    Wish us luck! We have a lot of obedience training to do, but it’s all good. Tommy smells the flowers, without eating or digging them up! Whew!!


See You in the Garden!

Tim and Lisa King


Family owned and operated, we’re now celebrating over 25 years of growing great gardens!


What's Growing on in Tim and Lisa's Garden

We’re now celebrating 25 years of growing great gardens!

Perennials are popping up all over.  Many varieties are coming back strong.
Apply slow release fertilizer now and patiently wait for some of the slower perennials like hostas and other shade lovers to pop up soon.

Our clematis are beautiful!  Full of buds and ready to burst. We have applied bone meal to beef up their root systems as well as fresh pine straw.  Tim and I like to encourage them to grow up attached to fishing line.  One of our favorite varieties is the white Henryii.  Find a place for one of these in your garden.

We’ll cut back our Formosa azaleas after they are done blooming and prune out lanky old woody stems.  We fertilize with Holly Tone. 
The daffodils have been done blooming, but we allow the green leaves to remain on the bulbs as long as possible to supply nutrients for next year growth.  Now is a good time to divide spring flowering bulbs and apply bone meal.

Tim is rinsing the pollen off the screen porch while Lisa is re-potting the houseplants to get them back outside for the summer! 

Make Your Garden Space Your Own this Spring!

Gardening Online

Have a question or need additional gardening information? Check out or website and please E-mail us anytime. We appreciate your feedback and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Call on us anytime you need to send someone special something special. Our blooming basket arrangements are perfect for birthdays, get well, sympathy or celebrations. We deliver to hospitals, funeral homes, private residences and businesses.

Let us Host it for you..

Forest Lake Greenhouses will host your Garden Club, Book Club or any organizational meeting.

 Our greenhouses provide a beautiful blooming background for you to enjoy while getting your club business done.  We can even do a planting demonstration, a behind–the–scenes tour of our growing facility, or a mini hands-on workshop.  You decide!  Just give us a call for more details and we’ll help you arrange your date.

Did you Know?

Forest Lake Greenhouses rents ferns and assorted tropical plants like palms and peace lilies for weddings and other special occasions. Call us for price quotes.

Forest Lake Greenhouses pays extra to recycle our cardboard. Our office staff uses both the front and back of our copy paper as much as possible. We recycle our in house aluminum cans and printer cartridges. We encourage and promote a “re-use refuse” attitude amongst all our staff so that we may sustain the environment for our future gardening friends.

Blooming Bucks

Now is the time to start collecting your Blooming Bucks.

For more information about Blooming Bucks please contact us at the greenhouse.


Stout Ollie Compost

Produced in South Carolina, this is the best stuff for growing vegetables. Tomatoes love the rich make up of this compost. We also recommend amending your soil when planting a tree or shrub.



Herbs Herbs Herbs

Nothing makes food taste great more than fresh herbs.

Grow herbs near the kitchen or the outdoor grilling area.  That way you’ll have access to some great seasoning for your suppers!
4” Pots
$3.29 each

Kiersten 233

Tim's Geraniums

It’s time to make everything beautiful with the beautiful geraniums grown right here at Forest Lake Greenhouses.  Available in all your favorite colors, they are the best grown geraniums in our area so you can have the very best results in your pots.  Ask us how!  

8" Jumbo Pots

$10.99 each