Come Spend Your Blooming Bucks...


on the flowers growing right here at Forest Lake Greenhosues. Our friendly, talented staff are ready to make your gardens look great again!

We’ll see you in the garden!

Tim and Lisa King

March nikki says

What's Growing on in Tim and Lisa's Garden

Quick Tips on how to Make Your Garden Look Great

-Time to divide, re-locate and plant perennials. Lisa is planting accent shrubbery and anything else she can get Tim to plant before it gets too hot.

-We're cleaning out clay pots and other containers that we're planning on planting with fresh summer flowering annuals. We group them together in place then fill with Tim's mix.

-We're fertilizing our Blueberry Bushes with Holly Tone.

-We are planting our herb garden and bringing in the basil on nights when it's too cold.


Welcome Spring!
The Cherry, Forsythia and Wisteria blooms are begining to greet you. The birds sing each morning. You have the itch to dig a hole and plant some new life. Spring is here! Make sure a good compost gets mixed into the soil with any tree or shrub you plant. Our experts are happy to help you select the right plants and plant supplies for whatever project you have in mind.
Did you Know?

Forest Lake Greenhouses delivers? Call on us anytime you need to send something special to someone special. Our blooming basket or pot arrangements are perfect for birthdays, get well, sympathy or celebrations. We deliver to hospitals, funeral homes, private residences and businesses.

Forest Lake Greenhouses pays extra to recycle our cardboard? Our office staff uses both the front and back of our copy paper as much as possible. We recycle our in house aluminum cans and printer cartridges. We encourage and promote a “re-use refuse” attitude amongst all our staff so that we may sustain the environment for our future gardening friends.

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Southern Style Azaleas

Spruce up your yard with fresh azalea plants. They'll add instant color and value to your landscape.

Starting at $16.99 each


Florence's Best Loved Ferns

Make your home feel fresh and inviting with our beautiful collection of big Boston Ferns. Grown right here!

$16.99 each

Kiersten 245

A Refreshing Spring Treat

Treat yourself and your front porch with a couple of pots of our gorgeous geraniums.

8" Pots $10.99