Start the New Year off Right!

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Dear Friends,

It's a brand new year and time for something fresh. Stop by our greenhouses and pick up a fresh new indoor houseplant or colorful blooming plant. One for you and one for a friend to brighten up both your days!

Happy New Year from all of us at Forest Lake Greenhouses!

We'll See You in the Garden!

Tim & Lisa King

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What's Growing on in Tim and Lisa's Garden

*On warmer winter days, walk through your flowerbeds and appreciate their winter interest. Create winter interest in your own garden by planting varieties that will grow unusual bark, stems, colorful berries or ones that will retain green or gray foliage throughout the gardening year.

*Fill bird feeders and birbaths regularly. The birds will greatly reward you for your efforts with their beautiful songs.

*De-flower spent blooms and remove seedpods from pansies and violas. Fertilize with blossom booster every two weeks to encourage more blooms.

*Plant pansies -it's not too late in our area of the country. Plant shrubs and trees, too.

*Plan additional flowerbeds and gardens for spring. Add compost and other soil additives to existing flowerbeds now so all you have to do in the spring is enjoy planting.

Cure Winter Blues Here
After all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it's easy to feel a little blue after all the decorations come down. No need to worry because we've got the blooms! Stop by the greenhouses and cheer yourself up with a beautiful blooming plant. Tim hasd grown a colorful collection of Cyclamen that are sure to put a smile on your face. How about cheering up your friend, too!
Did you Know?

Forest Lake Greenhouses delivers? Call on us anytime you need to send something special to someone special. Our blooming basket or pot arrangements are perfect for birthdays, get well, sympathy or celebrations. We deliver to hospitals, funeral homes, private residences and businesses.

Forest Lake Greenhouses pays extra to recycle our cardboard? Our office staff uses both the front and back of our copy paper as much as possible. We recycle our in house aluminum cans and printer cartridges. We encourage and promote a “re-use refuse” attitude amongst all our staff so that we may sustain the environment for our future gardening friends.


Bright White Cyclamen

Make the party a little brighter with this perfect hostess gift. Also makes a sparkling centerpiece!

$12.99 each


Cool Looking Ceramic Pots

Arriving daily are new pots and accessories to help you create a naturally beautiful new look.

Assorted Sizes & Styles

DSC_8240 orchid

Awesome Orchids

Easy elegance and style is what these plants are all about. They're also easy to grow. Ask us how!

Starting at $16.99 each