Christmas Makes Me Feel...

Parents weekend at Clemson 2014Dear Friends,

How does the Christmas season make you feel? I asked my Forest Lake Greenhouses Green Team this question and I was really happy to hear their responses. Some of them said that when you’re in the business of growing flowers the holidays can make you feel tired and stressed. That’s a given. Some of the other responses included words like blessed, merry, happy, thankful, and “like a kid again!” One of the guys even said broke. We all know that buying a lot of gifts can make you feel broke. Thank goodness for overtime.

The Spirit of Christmas is still alive and well at Forest Lake Greenhouses and we can’t wait to share our joy with you! How does Christmas make us feel? Grateful we have a Savior in Jesus Christ our Lord.

Merry Christmas!

We’ll see you in the garden!
Tim and Lisa King

Tim and I are very grateful that you have been our gardening friends for 25 years.
Thank you!

What's Growing on in Tim and Lisa's Garden

The pansies and violas are beautiful.  We apply the granular Fertilome Pansy Food every two months and keep the plants pinched and well watered as needed.

We clip fresh Rosemary stems from the bush in our garden, place them in water and display the foliage in pretty vases to decorate the house for company.  The fragrance reminds us of Christmas.

The Christmas cactus we grew outside this summer on our screened in porch is about to burst into bloom.  Fertilize with liquid blossom booster to get all the little buds open.

It’s not too late to plant bulbs like daffodils and crocus.  Don’t forget your bone meal!

Want a new camellia?  This is a great time to plant trees and shrubs.

Thank you for your continued support of our locally owned and operated family business. It is a privilege to work in a family owned business and to actually grow flowers right here in Florence. Florence is our home and we hope to make it a more beautiful place for many years to come.

May Peace be yours at Christmas and your blessing in the year ahead.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from
Tim, Lisa and Allison King
and from all the wonderful talented people that help us grow great gardens everyday.

Fresh Wreaths, Fresh Roping, Fresh Garlands

Get them while they're fresh!

We’re now taking orders for fresh wreaths and garland.  It’s easy to pre-book your fresh greens with us.  Call the greenhouses for a list of what’s available.  Place your order to get just the right size wreaths for your front and back door and just the right amount of garland for the staircase.  We pick up the greens fresh from the North Carolina Mountains and tag your order before we place it in our coolers to keep it fresh and cold until you’re ready to decorate.  Need more details?  Give us a call!

Attention Church Decorating Committee

We offer a special price for our customers who need to pre-book poinsettias for their church.  The plants are looking beautiful this year and we’ll be glad to help make it easier for you to get the congregation in the Christmas spirit.  We deliver, too.  Call on us today!

Gardening Online
Forest Lake Greenhouses wants to make sure you are successful at growing your gardens. Please email anytime with any gardening questions and all of us on staff we’ll be glad to help. We want to be your go-to-greenhouses for all your gardening needs.
Let us Host it for you..

Forest Lake Greenhouses will host your Garden Club, Book Club or any organizational meeting.

 Our greenhouses provide a beautiful blooming background for you to enjoy while getting your club business done.  We can even do a planting demonstration, a behind–the–scenes tour of our growing facility, or a mini hands-on workshop.  You decide!  Just give us a call for more details and we’ll help you arrange your date.

Just in Time - We Deliver Too!

Well guys - It's time to call, fax or email your order to us today. We can deliver the most beautiful long-lasting blooming baskets anywhere around town!  Designed right here customized just for you!

Yes, We Deliver!
Call - 662-5666

Did you Know?

Forest Lake Greenhouses rents ferns and assorted tropical plants like palms and peace lilies for weddings and other special occasions. Call us for price quotes.

Forest Lake Greenhouses pays extra to recycle our cardboard. Our office staff uses both the front and back of our copy paper as much as possible. We recycle our in house aluminum cans and printer cartridges. We encourage and promote a “re-use refuse” attitude amongst all our staff so that we may sustain the environment for our future gardening friends.


Red Glitter Poinsettias

Tim and his staff have grown over 15,000 poinsettias in all your favorite colors. Stop by and see our newest variety for 2014, “Red Glitter.”
It’s not Christmas until there’s a poinsettia in the house!

New for 2014 Poinsettias

$10.99 each

hydrangea snowball

Snowball Hydrangea

Try something a little different when giving a gift. Hydrangeas can be planted outside in the spring, a gift that keeps giving! Get yourself and someone else one today. It’s the season for Snowballs so don’t miss out!

$14.99 each


Fresh Fraser Wreaths

Fresh ideas and holiday scents for your Christmas décor, try having a real Christmas this year with a real live wreath! Need a fresh bow? There are lots of handmade bows to select from, too.

24” Wreath
Starting at $19.99