Blueberries are typically used in the landscape as hedges for screening purposes, but they can also be used in cluster plantings, or as single specimen plants. Blueberries are an ideal year round addition to the landscape. They have delicate white or pink flowers in the spring, the summer fruit has an attractive sky blue color, and the fall foliage adds great red and yellow colors to the landscape. In addition, blueberry plants lend themselves to the "organic" approach of gardening, because pesticides are rarely needed in home garden plantings.

Full sun is desirable but up to 50% shade is usually acceptable. However, yield is reduced with increasing shade, so plant in a sunny location to achieve maximum yield.

It's better to have as many varieties as possible to ensure a long bloom season and maximum chances for cross-pollination. So mix them up well and try to have at least three varieties in the patch. Keep them within fifteen feet of each other, if possible.