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Proudly rooted in Florence since 1989.

Forest Lake Greenhouses has been locally owned and operated for over 30 years! Our mission is to connect our community to the beauty of the natural world through horticulture.

Great gardens begin with a seed of inspiration, they begin with an idea or a concept that evolves into something bigger or greater than you ever could have imagined. We believe gardening is so much more than a hobby — it is a way to have a conversation with the Earth, it is a therapeutic way to reconnect to yourself, it is a form of art. Any gardener knows that sometimes words fall short in describing their love of gardening, it is a lived and felt experience that is beyond words!

Here at Forest Lake, we strive to be a place where anyone can come to find inspiration, happiness, and community. Our greenhouses offer a “breath of fresh air” and a wide selection of seasonal plants. Many of the blooming annuals at Forest Lake Greenhouses have been grown right here lovingly by our staff!

Our plant selection has been curated to include a vast selection of Tropical Plants for the houseplant connoisseur, annuals and perennials for both containers and landscaping, a range of edible starters and seeds for the kitchen gardener, and so much more.

We’re here to help you build the perfect garden, Forest Lake is where great garden begin.

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“I grow plants for many reasons: to please my soul, to challenge the elements or to challenge my patience, for novelty, or for nostalgia, but mostly for the joy in seeing them grow.”

— David Hobson

Green is the new black

Freshen your home and bring the outdoors in with tropical plants…

Houseplants may be trending online, but we believe this trend is here to stay. Having plants around the house lowers stress levels, improves your mood, and filters the air…just to name a few reasons why you should add a few houseplants to your home! They also make a real statement when it comes to your interior decorating.

Here at Forest Lake Greenhouses we carry a vast selection of common and rare tropical plants. Tropical plants are ideal for the home because they are happiest in temperate climates.

When shopping for the indoors, it’s important to know what type of light your space has, this will help narrow the selection of which plants will thrive in your space.

If you know your lighting and are ready browse for the home, we keep a small inventory stocked on our website. To view the full selection of tropicals we carry, we’d love to help you on-site at Forest Lake!

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Bring your yard to life

Our outdoor plant selection will dazzle and delight everyone, including the guests with wings

We carefully curate our selection of plants to reflect the needs of our local gardeners. We carry plants that will endure the South Carolina summer and thrive in your yard!

Whether you are looking for the perfect landscaping shrubs, fun foliage to add texture, blooming flowers to add color, or a cover crop to fill in extra space — we’ve got you covered. Our garden center has a large outdoor patio with a wide range of blooming annuals, perennials, herbs and vegetables, and nursery stock items.

Throughout the year we receive plants from trusted local and regional suppliers and many of the blooming annuals were grown lovingly on-site by our own staff.

We stock a small selection of plants online, for the full experience we recommend visiting our physical location.

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We’re all about growing!

For our wholesale growing department, growing isn’t just our job… it’s our lifestyle.

“High-quality plants” isn’t just a marketing statement for us, it’s a base-line expectation. We are specialized in blooming annual flowers that are known to make a statement in your store’s displays, your customers yards, or around your garden center.

Our growing operation is open year-round and moves dynamically with the seasons, offering a large selection of annuals, from Poinsettias to Marigolds to Boston Ferns. A list of what’s available is sent out weekly to our wholesale customers.

We currently have delivery routes available along coastal South Carolina, servicing as far south as Hilton Head Island and as far north as Wilmington, North Carolina. To learn more about how you can become apart of our wholesale family, head to our wholesale page.

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