Custom Container Landscaping

Enjoy beautiful, custom containers without the sweat!

Let us come to you with one of our experienced gardeners! Our custom container landscaping service brings the magic of Forest Lake Greenhouses right to your doorstep. We will come to you to with custom containers that will blow you away every time you see them. This option is great for businesses and private individuals alike!

We can work with pottery you may already have or our staff can help you find the perfect pottery to accent your space. Feel free to have as much or as little input on your designs, we are happy to honor specific color and flower requests or we are happy to put something together for you.

We do not do any landscaping in the ground, feel free to check out our list of trusted, local landscapers.

This service costs $45 per hour per staff member in addition to the cost of materials used.

In-Store Custom Container Design

We will help you with the occasional gift or self-treat!

Bring in your container or come pick one out of our available selections in the shop! Our custom container services are available on location at Forest Lake Greenhouses.

This option is great for gifts, last minute parties, or simply if you want something beautiful to look at without the hard work. Stop by the greenhouses and work with our staff to pick out the perfect items or allow us to plan it all, your choice.

Our on-site custom container design services are available as a drop-in service or as a request made in advance. During our busy season (March-June) containers typically take a little longer due to increased demand.

Custom pricing, depends on materials used and complexity of your design.

We Plan You Plant

DIY gardening with some advice from the experts!

Our “We Plan You Plant” service is an excellent option for the novice gardener. We will send our nursery stock expert to your house to give you advice and recommendations specific to your property. We will assess light levels, soil conditions, personal preference, and any other factors that you should consider when it comes to your landscaping needs.

Our nursery stock expert will give you specific recommendations on which plants will thrive on your property and why. You will have the chance to ask questions, plan, and formulate the garden of your dreams without the fear that things might go awry.

We do not do any landscaping in the ground, feel free to check out our list of trusted, local landscapers.

This service costs $45 per hour — you will receive a sketch and full list of suggested nursery stock items.

Plant Rentals

Would you like to make your event greener?

A row of large and fluffy Boston Ferns brings a huge amount of life to your event space, a large bamboo tree will fill an empty corner effortlessly, or living floral arrangements can bring something special to your tables. Our plant rental service is ideal for weddings, parties, or any type of gathering in a space that could use a little life.

The last thing anyone wants for their event, is additional stress. This service takes away the hassle of plant maintenance and offers an easy solution to bring your event space to life. We will bring you the plants for your event and pick them up directly from the event-space. Easy.

Get in touch with us to inquire about plant quantity and availability, you can reserve as far in advance as you need.

This service costs $10 per plant, per day.

Event Space & Custom Workshops

Rent our large, well-ventilated greenhouses for your event.

Our greenhouses have an abundance of space for hosting classes, workshops, and socials. In addition to large amounts of space, each greenhouse has large fans constantly circulating fresh air. During the times of COVID, it’s a safe space to gather.

You can use the space to host your own workshop or class, or custom workshops for your team are also available. We can have as much or as little involvement as you like.

If you are looking for an event venue to gather with a group, get in touch with us about using one of our greenhouses. We rent our space and offer team-building custom workshops throughout the year from June 1 through March 1.

This cost for this service is custom and depends on your unique circumstances.

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