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We seek to carry the highest quality plants, plant materials, pottery, and garden accessories around.

Annual and Perennial Flowers

Our garden center moves dynamically with the seasons, you can expect that when you visit you will find plants that are in season! We carry a large selection of blooming annual flowers, most of which were grown right here. You can also anticipate finding a diverse selection of perennial flowers and shrubs that will grow in our zone.

Annuals will bloom throughout their growing season, providing you with an abundance of color. Annual flowers are an excellent choice for your containers or window boxes, but with their non-stop color they also look great in the landscape. At the end of the growing season, these plants will die back.

Perennials are deeply rooting plants that offer more longevity than annuals, depending on the plant they will likely have a smaller window of active bloom time, but you can expect to love them for years and watch them grow over time.

Nursery Stock

Trees and shrubs can really tie together the outside appearance of your home. Our nursery stock selection ranges from trees that fruit to trees that create shade and shrubs that flower to shrubs that create a privacy wall. We offer nursery stock items that will be happy in our climate.

Our nursery stock selection has been container-grown so when you find the perfect landscaping accent you can trust that the root system of the plant has been established. Many of our nursery stock items are grown regionally!

The best time of year for planting nursery stock items is in the fall, just before the plants enter a state of dormancy in the winter. This encourages the plant to focus its efforts on establishing its root system.

While we do not offer in-house landscaping services, we do have a resource list of trusted landscapers you can find here.

Unique Houseplants & Succulents

Some love houseplants for the way they make their home come to life and some love houseplants for the health benefits they off. We are happy to be the houseplant destination of the Pee Dee.

Tropical Plants are commonly called houseplants because they enjoy a temperate climate and bright to indirect light. Over the years we have grown our selection of houseplants to include all sorts of plants to reflect the growing trend.

You can expect to find commonly known plants like Monstera and Sansevieria to more rare plants like Birkin Philodendron or R. Tetrasperma. We pride ourselves (as plant lovers) in being able to find houseplants that will delight any connoisseur.

In addition to houseplants, we also carry a large selection of succulents and cacti. Many of the succulents have been propagated and grown right on-site!

Vegetable & Herb Starters

Returning the food supply to our local community is greatly important for us at Forest Lake. Over the past few years we’ve seen a growing interest in vegetable gardening!

We are pleased to carry a range of vegetable and herb starters from Bonnie’s and J & B Herbs, as well as starters that were grown right here. In addition to vegetable and herb starters, we carry a selection of seeds for you to germinate your own.

We have a great offering of organic fertilizers from Espoma and Fox Farms as well as locally sourced compost from Ollie’s. In addition to organic soils and fertilizers, we carry raised bed kits so you can get growing with confidence

Feel free to ask our staff about vegetable gardening if you have any questions, several members on our team have kitchen gardens of their own and would be happy to assist you.

Pottery & Garden Gear

Pottery is an opportunity for you to express your personal style, it can make or break an arrangement! From classic terra cotta to colorful ceramic, we have something for everyone. We carry pottery that can withstand the elements and seasons outdoors in addition to delicate pottery that will look great on your bookshelf as an accent.

We love gear that has both form and function, so you can expect to find good looking and practical garden gloves and tools to get your hands in the dirt. We also carry planting accessories like macrame hangers, watering cans, plant misters, rain gauges, and more are also available at Forest Lake Greenhouses.

Garden accents and decor are also available on-site, you can find statuary, water fixtures, and rain chains. Stop by in person to see what exciting items we have in store!

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